Introduction to our services

GHE provide an extensive suite of services to help assist you through the National & European grant funding programmes

Introduction to our services

Many organisations find the requirements of the grant application process complex and time consuming which stops them from participating in the programmes. GHE provides advice and practical assistance to navigate these programmes and reduce the burden for organisations who wish to enter the grant funding arena.

Our smart approach

GHE can:
  • Keep you updated with current and future funding opportunities
  • Bring extensive experience to the developement of your funding proposal
  • Reduce the time required from your team to develop your application
  • Identify international project partners
  • Support you in the grant acceptance process

Our services include:

Funding Strategies Development

GHE can optimise your chance of success by helping you to submit your application to the correct funding programme.

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GHE is experienced in evaluating projects and providing practical feedback.

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GHE has over 20 years experience of successfully preparing applications for National and European grant funding programmes.

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GHE is experienced in administering grant funded projects.

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Did you KNOW?

THE EU HAVE AGREED A BUDGET OF €95.5 BILLION for Research and Innovation projects through the Horizon Europe programme