Introduction to GHE

With over 20 years experience, GHE has a strong track record in providing practical assistance for clients to identify opportunities, develop funding strategies and develop grant funding applications.

GHE works across the UK and Internationally with organisations including large corporations, SMEs, universities, public authorities and voluntary organisations.

GHE is non industry specific and works across all industry sectors.

A selection of previous project submissions by GHE:


  • Self-Administered Vaccine (SAVAC).
  • Novel Ex Vivo Tensioned Skin Culture Technology.

Food, Bioeconomy Natural Resources and Agriculture

  • Innovative and dynamic largescale sustainable clean, green vertical farming.
  • Development of a First-in-class Recycling System for the Detection and Removal of Borosilicate Glass.

Digital and Space

  • Cluster Reactor to Deliver a Total Solution for PLD Manufacturing of Thin Films for 5G Technology.
  • Novel Inter-Carrier Collaboration Platform to Reduce Fraud In Telecommunications.


  • Broad-Spectrum Point of Use (POU) System for the Effective Removal of Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
  • Ultra-High Pressure Composite Moulding for ultra-light weight high performing protective materials.

Climate, Energy and Mobility

  • Maximizing Value from Residual Waste Recycling through Generating Clean Power with Gasification Technology.
  • Nano-Porous Structured Silicon Material for Advanced Next Generation Li-ion Batteries.

Civil Security

  • Safe, Low-order disposal of underwater unexploded ordnance.
  • Generate Privacy-Preserving Attestations using Personal, Commercial and Financial Data.

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THE EU HAVE AGREED A BUDGET OF €95.5 BILLION for Research and Innovation projects through the Horizon Europe programme